When it comes to choosing the right oil, I’m big on making sure that I use the correct grade and type. Recently we had a customer come in with a GU Patrol complaining that his LSD was not working at all. We all know that the Patrol LSDs are one of the best factory units around. We put it on the hoist, performed a few tests and lo and behold the LSD was, in fact, stuffed. When we questioned him further, we discovered the oil he was using wasn’t designed for LSDs. So when Brenno asked me to write another column, I thought what better subject than using the right diff oil!

It can be a little daunting walking into your local auto store to buy your diff oil. The problem is there are so many types, with a lot of them also being suitable for gearboxes and the like. Before buying your oil, jump on the Liqui-moly website, look up your 4WD and it will tell you exactly what oil you need to use! Then all you need to do is find your local Liqui-Moly retailer and head straight there! Why Liqui-Moly? Well because I’ve been using it in my 200 Series and I reckon it’s one of the best oils money can buy!

What a lot of 4WDers may not be aware of is that when you install a locker, you need to make sure that you use oil that’s rated for an LSD. Not using the correct oil can actually render your locker useless and cause some serious damage inside your diff.

Okay, so you’ve changed the diff oil, but what about the gearbox and transfer? These are just as important and are just as susceptible to getting water and mud ingested through the breathers. I’ve made a habit of checking my gearbox and transfer oils every time I perform a service.

Just like diff oil, there are a wide range of gearbox oils on the market. Pick the wrong one and your gearbox will be rough and it’ll be hard to change between gears. In the long run this will destroy your synchros and ultimately the gearbox. So what gearbox oil should you use? Again jump onto www. liqui-moly.com.au and search for your 4WD’s gearbox oil specifications.

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to gearbox, transfer and diff oil is regularly check the level of your various oils and make sure they are free of contaminates. Using the wrong oil is not good, but what is worse is running oil that has water and mud in it. Nothing will kill your diff or gearbox quicker!