Two Tough

Two Tough

Most of the current crop of wicked burnout beasts struggle to get through one competitive skid. However Gary Myers’ tough-as-nails, blown, injected ’66 Mustang managed to power through two monster burnouts in less than 20 minutes!


Although the same car, Gary qualified his famous Mustang for the Summernats Liqui-Moly Burnout Masters final as GM176. While his son, Jake, made it through Thursday’s sudden-death knock-out (his first skid, ever, on the Summernats track), Saturday’s elimination round and into Sunday’s final as SICKO.


The father and son duo entered the Muzzy separately and had separate entry numbers (Jake-No.478 and Gary-No.479). Before Sunday’s final, competitors draw numbers from a hat to determine their running order – Gary and Jake could only hope they didn’t draw consecutive positions, as that would have been disastrous. Fortunately the smoke gods smiled on them; drawing 3rd and 7th – no walk in the park but at least doable. Gary opted to allow Jake to run first, with Myers Jnr putting on as strong a show as the Mustang ever has – he was definitely the one to beat at that stage.


But there was no time to reflect on his stellar performance; Jake had to hustle back to the their compound, so Team Myers could check all the vitals, cool things down, bolt on a new set of treads, change the number plates and drive it all the way back, around to the marshalling area, in a little over 10 minutes! All in all, it worked out to be less than 20 minutes from the start of Jake’s skid to the end of Gary’s – whew!


“After Jake’s run, the oil temp was a little high,” said Gary, “but not enough to affect the Liqui-Moly. We got through fine, the car run just as strong the second time ’round.” That’s one tough car and an even tougher oil. Despite how well the Muzzy stood up to the punishment of back-to-back burnouts, Mick Brasher took the trophy with a phenomenal skid, with Jake placing 5th and Gary 6th.

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