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TUFFST Victorian Campaign

Veteran burnout champ, Phil Kerjean has just finished a huge Victorian Smashing Tyres campaign. Based out of the NSW south-coast town of Albion Park, Phil dragged TUFFST down for Gazzanats, Portland. After which he left the wagon, trailer and truck at Glen Eastwood’s place and flew home. This allowed him to fly back down for Lardner Park Motorfest and again for UBC.


It was a great tour for Phil and his tyre-frying VK, picking up a third at Gazzanats and a fourth at Lardner Park. Unfortunately a lack of battery voltage and fuel pressure resulted in a tenth at UBC’s Top Ten run-off. “It started breaking down,” says Phil, “I had no choice, I was forced to shut it down. It’s just not worth it.” He commented that he’s not sure whether he’s getting overly cautious or simply wiser these days. Burnouts can be brutally-destructive on engines – and considering the substantial investment all the top burnout guys have in their power plants, its understandable competitors would choose preservation over reckless abandon.

Nonetheless, as Phil states on his Facebook site (Phil Kerjean Motorsports), “Nice haul from the last three events; 14 tyres, 300 litres of methanol, 3800kms of driving, four plane flights and some killer times with great people. Doesn’t get any better.” There’s no doubt, Phil Kerjean and TUFFST are class competitors – the due’s next outing is Sydney Powercruise, Sydney Motorsport Park, March 27-30, 2014.

TUFFST in action at Lardner Park

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