Noisy diesel engine? An additive is the key to a smooth and quiet drive.

More torque for better towing, improved pulling power and decent fuel economy are all benefits of opting for a diesel engine rather than a petrol, but there’s no denying the fact that they can be pretty noisy at the best of times. I had a customer in my showroom the other day that saw the Liqui-Moly Diesel Anti-Knock Plus additive and asked how it worked, which I reckon is something every diesel owner needs to be aware of. Liqui-Moly’s Diesel Anti-Knock Plus additive protects your fuel system against corrosion and lubricates the injector pintle to ensure it runs smoother and quieter.

It even reduces the dreaded nailing sensation that’s common in diesels with a few kilometres under their belt. This additive is the kind of product that can really take your engine from good to great. It may not be as essential as top-shelf engine oil, but you’ll notice the difference almost immediately, and it’ll mean a longer service life and a more enjoyable time in the cab. Ensuring your engine is running as smoothly as possible doesn’t just mean less noise for you, it also means a raft of great benefits for your engine. Diesel Anti-Knock Plus increases fuel ignition performance and reduces injector fouling. It even lowers exhaust smoke emissions, which we all know is a problem area for the average diesel engine.

Injector needles are lubricated faster and more thoroughly. Common-rail diesel engines are unbelievably costly to replace injectors in, so the importance of this product can’t be underestimated. I’ve been working with Liqui-Moly for a while now and I’m more than happy with the results I’ve had from running it in not only my own 4WDs, but those of my customers too. The Anti-Knock additive has proven particularly useful when a 4WD comes in that has been under-maintained as it’s a great product to use to get an engine back into shape where regular oil changes can keep it running smoothly again. It’s also ideal as part of a bigger ongoing maintenance plan that you should be putting in place to keep your pride and joy in top condition.