We all know your injectors are one of the most important components in a diesel engine, and they can be expensive parts to service and repair. The problem with diesel injectors is that because they are so highly refined and run small tolerances, it’s easy for them to become clogged up and partially blocked. While a partially blocked injector might not sound all that bad, it has the potential to literally destroy your engine. Its job is to deliver a predetermined amount of fuel at precisely the right time in the engine’s cycle, as well as produce a consistent spray pattern, not a big drop of fuel.

Carbon has a nasty habit of building up on the injector’s tip, leading to one of two problems. It either restricts the fuel flow through the tip, or if it’s bad enough it can stop the injector from closing completely. An incorrect spray pattern or dribbling injector can cause your pyro temps to rise quickly and to a dangerous level. We had a perfect example come into our workshop the other day. It was a 100 Series 1HD-FTE with 225,000km on the clock. No matter what the boys did, they couldn’t get enough fuel into the engine and were reporting huge pyro readings. Following that, we pulled the injectors out to find that four out of six were shot. While this was an extreme case, the majority of injector issues stem from being partially blocked. A blocked injector can be caused by a number of reasons, but the most common is carbon build-up and foreign debris from contaminated fuel.

So if you want to prevent major engine damage, then your best bet is too regularly use a fuel system cleaner like Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner, or even the Diesel Purge additive. Both these additives are regarded as one of the best on the market, so much in fact that I use it on my own trucks. Using the latest in liquid engineering, Liqui-Moly has developed a fuel system cleaner that does a fantastic job of flushing out your fuel lines and injectors. Doing this alone can give anything up to a 5% increase in power. Not bad when you consider how easy and cheap it is to do! Unfortunately, every injector, no matter what you do, will eventually need replacing.

iqui-Moly’s range of fuel additives is fantastic but it’s no miracle worker. Using a Liqui- Moly additive regularly will keep your injectors and fuel system working better and longer. In addition to running fuel additive, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your injectors in tip-top condition. Firstly, keep your maintenance up and follow your service schedule. Changing your fuel filter and the like on time, every time, will ensure that your injectors aren’t subjected to any foreign matter. Secondly, if you’re going to be doing a lot of remote travelling, then fit a second fuel filter. This is purely as second defence to stop water and debris getting through to your pump and injectors. At the end of the day, injectors have a limited lifetime, but look after them and you will prolong their life and keep them in good working order.