Riding with the King

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Riding with the King

At the Portland Gazzanats Tri Series I got the opportunity to have a ride with Gary Myers in the black Mustang. This famous piece of Street Machining history is now mainly in the hands of Jake, but with him in hospital Gary had the driving duties for some demo skids.


Strapped in tight, helmet on, 6000 revs and we’re off. Instant smoke outside and now filling the cabin, plenty of left then right donuts and the adrenalin is pumping.


Having this opportunity gives you a new understanding of the car, throttle control and driving skills. It’s a small pad, 700 hp, not a hope of seeing where you are, smashing the Tyres off the rims and driving off the pad all in 2 minutes.

What a rush, if you get the chance, do it, thanks Gary for a great experience.

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