Liqui-Moly Petrol Clean & Boost is a state-of-the-art, fuel additive that increases combustion intensity to noticeably boost acceleration and throttle response in all petrol engines. It improves ignition burn performance whilst cleaning the injection system or carburetor. Also protects against corrosion in the fuel system.

  • Improves all-round engine performance and efficiency
  • Breaks down combustion chamber and valve residues
  • Boosts vehicle acceleration
  • Cleans the inlet system
  • Ash-free

Ideal for use on track days, towing and high-load applications. Where an extra boost in acceleration is desired.
Effective in all petrol fuels. Safe in turbocharged or supercharged engines and vehicles fitted with a catalytic converter.

1L | Part No: 7714 | RRP $35.95