A small oil leak or blue exhaust smoke doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the mechanic with an expensive fix. Oil leaks are often caused by a seal or gasket shrinking, allowing oil to seep past. Vehicle age, using low spec grades of oil, or lack of regular servicing are usually the reasons. And the first indications are stains on the driveway or blue exhaust smoke on start up.

Prevention is better than a cure, so use a high quality motor oil, preferably to the factory spec, and follow the vehicle manufacturers service intervals. Quality motor oils contain chemicals that help prevent seals & gaskets from shrinking.

It’s possible to rejuvenate damaged seals and gaskets by using a purpose-designed oil additive like Liqui-Moly Engine Oil Resealer. This will increase the ratio of ‘seal swell’ chemicals in the oil, rectifying the dried out seals and gaskets that are causing the leakage. It normally takes about 700km’s of driving after the additive is added.


Stops leaks & exhaust smoke.

• Rejuvenates dried-out seals.
• Reduces oil consumption.
• Stops blue exhaust smoke.

Liqui-Moly Engine Oil Resealer rejuvenates dried-out oil seals, o-rings and valve-stem seals which significantly reduces oil consumption and stops oil leaks. This product also compensates for viscosity loss, dampens engine noise and prevents blue exhaust smoke. Suitable for all petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. Compatible with all commercially available mineral and synthetic motor oils. Safe and effective for turbocharged and supercharged engines.