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Gary Myers

Being a Burnout Master isn’t easy… but Gary Myers makes it look so simple! Gary has many accolades to his name including the 2011 National Burnout Masters Championship. In Gary’s owns words after his winning burnout “…I’ve never sat on 8,000 rpm’s for that long, that oil must be good!”

The demands of competition motorsport are obvious. Its torture on the engine and therefore the characteristics of the lubricants are absolutely paramount. You see lots of Oil brands sponsoring race cars which don’t necessarily mean they actually use the product, but also it is far more important what owner/drivers choose as they are the ones who pay for the engine damage if it goes wrong.

These engines can run at extreme levels for constant, and/or sporadic periods of time that is very hard on the engine. The lubricating qualities of a performance oil and added bonus of the additives can be the difference between retaining your expensive motor and having to rebuild it.

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