Liqui-Moly Diesel Purge Plus is a highly efficient fuel system cleaner for diesel engines. When used properly, it is far more effective than simply adding it to the fuel tank. Below we will outline how to use the product to ensure immediate and effective results.


The objective is to remove the fuel feed & fuel return hoses and insert them into the can of Diesel Purge Plus. After that, the car is started and runs off the can until empty. The entire process should take approximately 30 minutes (including run time), so it’s a simple and easy job you could do yourself at home.

NOTE: This service was carried out on a D40 Nissan Navara, steps and procedure may vary for different make/model vehicles. Check your manufacturer’s service manual or for further information please call us on 1800 350 622.

STEP 1: Pop the bonnet of the car, and locate the fuel filter.


STEP 2: Locate and open fuel supply pipe and return pipe and insert them into a can of Diesel Purge Plus (as pictured below). You will need to loosen off the hose clamps and disconnect the hoses from the fuel filter. Be sure to put the can in a safe spot on the engine where it will not tip over. If you can have a helper hold the can, at least initially, that is ideal.

TIP: Have a rag ready to mop up any spills.


When inserting the hoses into a can of Diesel Purge Plus it’s important to ensure that the lines are at the bottom of the can, where they will not suck air in as the can empties. If you find that the hoses aren’t long enough to reach the can you will need to use a piece of 6mm or 10mm clear hose (depending on the size of your existing hoses) to extend its length so that it comfortably reaches the can of Diesel Purge Plus.

Alternatively, you could empty the contents of a Diesel Purge Plus can into a larger (Fuel Safe) canister and insert the fuel supply and return pipes as pictured below.


STEP 3: Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. After that run the engine through various RPM’s until the can is empty and the engine stalls.


STEP 4: Carefully pull the hoses out of the can. Take caution as the can and remaining fluid could be hot.


STEP 5: Refit all hoses in the same order as you disconnected them.


STEP 6: On some vehicles the fuel system will need to be bled. Please check your manufacturer service manual for the procedure.


Diesel Purge Plus is a professional strength cleaner that eliminates most fuel related engine-running problems. It removes deposits from injectors, piston rings and combustion chamber which restores power, improves fuel economy but also provides smoother running and reduces smoke and soot emissions