My missus’s 200 Series is a 4WD I plan on keeping for a while, which is why I regularly run oil additives in it. Additives not only improve performance, they also protect your engine, ensuring you get maximum service life from it.

With a flood of additives on the market, it can be difficult working out what’s worth spending your money on and what’s just marketing hype, so I’ve put a heap of different products through the wringer at my workshop to cut the wheat from the chaff.

Liqui-Moly decided that one do-it-all engine oil additive wasn’t going to service the needs of 4WDers who are as passionate about their trucks as we are, so they’ve developed products that address specific needs such as their Engine Protect. This additive is designed specifically to protect your engine from the abuse it cops in a typical day on the tracks, and works by reducing the friction on internal components of modern, high-performance engines for up to 50,000km at a time.

While some may argue that additives don’t do a whole lot for your engine, I’ve monitored the big 200 closely since running Engine Protect, and I can safely say that it really does make a difference. Liqui-Moly reckon it reduces the friction in your engine by about 30%, and since using it I’d find it hard to disagree. Another great benefit of running an engine oil additive is that it maximises the life of your engine oil and any other treatments you’re running. With many 4WDs using upwards of 7L of oil for a COMPILED BY GLEN HADDEN change, and that oil often costing north of $80, anything you can do to maximise its life will leave extra dollars in your pocket.

Engine Protect is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines, and compatible with all mineral and synthetic motor oils.