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Like most European experiences the feeling of owning a euro-built vehicle leaves lasting impressions. European car makers have long been recognised as world leaders in producing stylish, technically advanced vehicles. Delivering maximum output with minimum fuel consumption and reduced emissions became the new priority and Advanced Technology Engines were born. Today, these are constantly evolving; highly efficient engines are used in most euro-built and many Japanese made vehicles, from small passenger cars through to exotic supercars.

Prestige doesn’t necessary mean expensive. Look at the recent “Best Car” awards. Of the 15 categories ranging from Light, Small, Medium, & Large, through to People Movers, Sports Cars, SUV’s and 4WD’s, ten of the winners were from Europe and considered “prestige” vehicles. The value of prestige has changed dramatically over recent years and most of the brands including the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW etc. are selling approximately half in the diesel variants.

As the technology in these prestige car engines become more advanced, so to does the Motor Oil chemistry. Using the right oil, the grade and type specifically recommended by the factory has suddenly become very important.