Diesel, compared with other types of fuels, is a far less refined product containing higher levels of impurities, which in a relatively short period of time will begin to impact on the engine’s performance and efficiency. Using specially formulated diesel additives that removes residues, increase cetane level or increase combustion intensity is an effective way to maintain a quiet, smooth and efficient engine – which is ultimately what every diesel owner wants.



• Boosts fuel ignition performance to reduce engine ‘knock’.
• Cleans injectors & cuts exhaust smoke.
• Adds lubrication & improves fuel economy.

Liqui-Moly Diesel Clean & Boost is an advanced fuel additive for all diesel engines. It noticeably reduces typical diesel engine clatter and engine noise by increasing the ignition performance (cetane number) of diesel fuel. This formulation will also improve engine performance and acceleration, whilst reducing injector fouling, exhaust smoke and emissions.
Diesel Clean & Boost adds lubrication to the fuel system which can help to reduce fuel system component wear over time due to the low sulphur content in today’s diesel fuels. It cleans injectors to combat the effects of fuel system contamination, protects against corrosion and improves the all-round engine performance. Suitable for all diesel fuels and safe and effective for turbocharged or supercharged engines with or without a DPF.



• Ideal for high performance engines.
• Deep cleansing action to restore power and fuel economy.
• Special conditioners keep fuel flow at its optimum for 10,000km.

Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner is ideal for high performance engines as fuel flow and atomisation is critical. It can also be used to detox a fuel system that has starting or hesitation problems, rough idling, poor acceleration or above normal exhaust emissions. This concentrated formula with its intense detox is more effective than most fuel injection cleaners. It fully restores horsepower and efficiency through its deep cleaning action that removes stubborn build-ups of carbon & deposits. The special conditioners protect the entire system from fuel tank to combustion chamber, allowing optimum fuel flow for 10,000km. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines that are carburettor, fuel injected or direct injected. Safe for all catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and diesel particulate filters.


Pro-strength fuel system cleaner.

• Cleans entire fuel system instantly.
• Restores power and makes starting easier.
• Reduces smoke and soot emissions.

Liqui-Moly Diesel Purge Plus is a professional strength cleaner that eliminates most fuel related engine-running problems. Removes deposits from injectors, piston rings and combustion chamber which restores power, improves fuel economy, provides smoother running and reduces smoke and soot emissions.


Maximises life of the DPF.

• Cleans & protects.
• Ideal for constant city driving.
• Restores fuel economy & exhaust flow.

Liqui-Moly DPF Anti-Clog chemically reacts with the trapped soot, lowering its burn off temperature, to allow the DPF to self-clean without needing high speed driving. This is a safe and effective method of protecting the DPF during constant city driving.
Suitable for turbocharged or supercharged diesel engines with or without a catalytic convertor. Not to be used in conjunction with Peugeot/Citroen electronically controlled fuel additive system.


Anti-bacterial fuel treatment

• Long lasting algae protection when storing diesel.
• Prevents fuel system corrosion and blockages.
• Decontaminates infected tank systems.

Liqui-Moly Diesel Algae Stop is a dual purpose, highly active biocide that can be used to prevent the on-set of bacteria, yeast & moulds or as a shock treatment to disinfect and neutralize already contaminated fuel systems and storage tanks.
Suitable for all diesel engines.

* Not available in all stores